True love waits

Heart Shadow Ring in Book, but I took it one step further. I took this shot in the Book Song of Solomon where the bride Is uplifting her husband, and here’s why. I’ve messed up in the past and I do regret it. This woman is displaying her undying love for her husband and I want to strive to be this man, someone that is everything in the world to the woman they love because that’s what I want in my woman of God. Someone pure and loving and steadfast in the path God has planed for their life, never going astray.

Also, mad props to everyone that has tried this ahead of me, its not as easy as it may seem, this is one of about 200 different shots like this I tried with different lighting, angles, positions of the Bible and the ring, Different Apertures, ISO, and Shutter Speeds, everything, this was about a 2 hour photo shoot.

by: James Rumore

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True love waits