Sun stand still

July 10, 2013

Joshua 10:
Adoni-Zedek was terrified of the Israelite nation. He had seen what happened at Jericho, and how Ai was routed, and he knew his kingdom of Jerusalem would be next. The great armies of Gibeon were now in a position to crush Jerusalem and all their other old nemeses thanks to the alliance they’d manipulated with the Israelite nation.

So he recruited a handful of other Amorite tribes to combine forces in a preemptive strike against the newly merged military powerhouses. The kingdoms of Hebron, Jarmuth, Lachish and Eglon joined Jerusalem and attacked Gibeon.

So now even though Joshua had been tricked into the Gibeonite coalition, he was a man of his word, and he stepped up to honor the alliance.

With God’s assurance of protection at his back, Joshua led the forces in a surprise attack on the Amorites, who’d been thrown into confusion and were fleeing the site in the midst of pummeling hail.

More men were killed by hail than combat.

But Joshua was not content with winning a single battle. He knew the conflict would never end unless the job was finished.

So he ordered the sun to stand still over Gibeon.

As Joshua’s forces continued their charge, the moon never rose, the sun never set, and without the cover of dark, the instigators were decimated by the Israelite army. The five Amorite kings were removed from the cave where they’d taken refuge from the endless battle and brought to Joshua, each with his neck under the foot of an Israelite soldier.

Joshua executed the kings and displayed their bodies high on five poles for everyone to see until the sun finally set nearly half-a-day late.

by: Alex Griendling

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Sun stand still