Sold by his brothers

July 10, 2013

Genesis 37:
“Here comes that dreamer,” they said, and once-and-for-all, Israel’s ten sons were prepared to put an end to their little brother.

As is often the case when an older man gets a second chance at parenting, he was gracious and loving and full of affirmation for his son Joseph. He doted on him, praised him, cherished him and—as far as the other boys were concerned—spoiled him rotten.

Joseph was the recipient of everything they’d always wished for, not the least of which was words of great pride from their father.

But when Joseph’s far-fetched ‘visions’ of grandeur started… that was the last straw. They couldn’t take any more and the only reasonable recourse was to dispose of this kid… permanently.

When it came down to it though, Reuben couldn’t go through with the execution.

“Let’s throw him in this well,” he suggested, secretly planning to rescue the boy later, but while he was gone, Judah came up with an idea of his own. A dead brother—he suggested—would be worthless to them, and they might as well make a few bucks off of all this trouble.

So for 20 silver pieces, their little brother became the property of some passing Mideonites. His trademark coat was ripped to shreds, doused in blood and returned to a weeping father who could only assume the worst. His precious son (he thought) had been killed by wild beasts.

Fortunately for them all, this wouldn’t really be the end of Joseph.

He was a dreamer, after all.

by: Anna Hurley

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Sold by his brothers