Moses murders a man

July 10, 2013

Exodus 2:
Even though he lived the privileged life of a prince, Moses knew in his veins ran the same Hebrew blood as the people whom his adopted mother and her father the Pharoah were exploiting, persecuting, oppressing and murdering.

But safely sheltered within the walls of the palace, he had the luxury of avoiding the guilt that comes with such privilege while his brothers and sisters were out there.

Until the day he saw with his own eyes an Egyptian strike one of the Hebrew slaves.

Something snapped.

Moses barrelled towards the man, ordered him to his knees and unmercifully killed him right on the spot.

He thought he’d done a good deed for these fellow Hebrews, and maybe that they might accept him as their own after this valiant act, but instead their fear of him grew, and news about his murderous episode spread throughout the slums.

Once the Pharaoh caught wind of what had happened, Moses realized his problem hadn’t been buried in the sand as he thought.

He ran away.

Into the wilderness, across the sea.

by: Tommy Chandra

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Moses murders a man