Keep the faith

I don’t know if anyone was aware but for the past…i don’t even know…ten years maybe? (i’m fifteen…) i’ve been obsessing over this guy who me and ~libstick have nicknamed ‘Rita’. I was really happy when he started talking to me on facebook and we seemed to get on really well, but then after we saw each other face to face, he stopped talking to me and I found out that it was because I come from (and am still) a Christian family while he comes from a Hindu family. Apparently it’s wrong to be Christian and it’s wrong to believe in God. At first, I thought it was my fault, and I tried to change myself but then I though, why should I stop believing in something just because of some guy who can’t even accept me for who I am?
So this picture is to say, yes, I do still believe in God, I always have, I always will, sure I doubt him when I see tragedies like Haiti and the Japan earthquake but in the end, I’ll always come back. I won’t give up my faith for anyone or anything, least of all some guy.

by: Rachel Preeya

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Keep the faith