Jesus: I Am the Resurrection

I am the Resurrection and the life. Those who believe in my will live, even though they die, and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. – full quote.

This is number 6 out of 6 project commissioned by a good friend irl who was also a friend of my mom’s, Art Klein. He wrote a book about Jesus and to help promote his book I am creating a series of images with regards to the I AM quotes. These will be used for a sort of chain e-mail of sorts that he hope will go viral. Enjoy!

Note: No, I didn’t draw Jesus in anime style…. though is still illustrationy lol I haven’t drawn realistic stuff in so long!

Time spent (Drafting, roughs, and revisions): 3 hours.

Cost so far: $30

by: Emily Cammisa

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Jesus: I Am the Resurrection