In my place

You can watch this video of the painting process – it’s got two beautiful songs
by Brian Dunne, a former teacher at my university- they have a message to tell.

You and i are like Barabbas- we have no way of freeing ourselves from sin
and death; alone, we are hope-less. The Roman soldiers could symbolize the
powers of darkness, which do not want to let us go

But then Jesus, God the Son, in human form, came to this Earth and made
a future, and even a transformation of character, available to us.
Intercession occurs…
Do you have questions about salvation? This message delves deep into salvation and transformation of character (in audio) – Christ Our Righteousness

Here you can visit Brian Dunne’s websites- (Messages in photography, music and art)

(Please only give glory to God, not me, thanks : )
though feel free to share your thoughts, questions, etc.

by: Sarahí Remolina

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In my place