Gideon meets the Lord

July 10, 2013

Judges 6:
One day the Angel of God came and sat down under an oak tree—the one that belonged to Joash—and spoke to Joash’s son.

“God is with you, mighty warrior!”

Gideon leapt, sending handfuls of wheat flying.

He was startled, of course because he was hiding. In fact, he was always hiding.

It had been seven years since the entire land—the land God had promised them—had been decimated by Midan, who swarmed like locusts, devouring everything in site. Starving and terrified, the family fled the comfort of their homes and oak trees to live in caves like neanderthals.

What little food they could find had to be harvested in secret, under cover of darkness or in hiding places—just as Gideon was threshing wheat in an abandoned wine press at this very moment.

Wine was an amenity long forgotten.

“Beg your pardon, but look around,” Gideon replied, “If God is with me, then why has all this happened to us?”

As the messenger turned to face him, Gideon suddenly realized he’d misunderstood… for God was with him, not in some figurative, feel-better kind of way, but literally standing right before him under that old oak tree.

“Go, save Israel from Midian.”

In another place and time Gideon might have laughed at a suggestion so absurd. How could he—a nobody—save anything?

But now he was too beaten down to even find it humorous. In fact, he was so low he wondered if he had anything to lose.

by: Ciara Panacchia

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Gideon meets the Lord