Dropped through the ceiling

January 23, 2013

Mark 2:1-12

After an amazing trip travelling the countryside watching Jesus heal all sorts of people suffering all types of afflictions, the disciples returned to Capurnaum to discover their rabbi’s fame had preceded him.

In fact he had become so popular that the townspeople had packed themselves like sardines into the home where he was about to teach. So when four men arrived carrying their paralyzed friend on a cot, one would have expected them to turn away in despair.

These men, however were not about to give up so easily.

As Jesus watched the men cut a hole in the ceiling and slowly lower their friend to his feet, he was moved by their faith that proclaimed to the paraplegic “Your sins are forgiven.”

The crowd’s confusion watching the friends turned instantly to shock.

“He’s blaspheming!”
“Who does he think he is? God alone can forgive sins!”

Jesus answered in his usual manner, with a question. “What is easier? to say ‘your sins are forgiven?’ or ‘get up and walk?’”

Before the audience could respond Jesus looked over at the man, told him to pick up his mat and go home.

As the sea of people parted to watch the man walk out the door, Jesus spelled it out for anyone in the room unable to connect the dots,

“I have authority to forgive sins.”

by: Ward Jenkins

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Dropped through the ceiling