David faces Goliath

July 10, 2013

1 Samuel 17:
It didn’t matter that the old prophet had “anointed” him. His brothers still saw David as nothing more than their baby brother.

He knew otherwise of course… In fact, he may have considered himself more of a man than actually was the case. But when he’d protected his flock from so much danger, when he’d killed a bear and a lion defending them… one could hardly blame the kid for a bit of ego.

Still, he was stuck home while the rest were off performing the manliest of chores, fighting battles and defending not just their tribe, but the King himself! Even the most confident kid can’t help but become a little self conscious being left behind.

Until that fateful day when he brought his brothers their lunch (swallowing his pride along the way). From across the ravine echoed the biggest voice he’d ever heard shouting the most vile things he could have ever imagined about the God David loved.

Within hours and after a wild turn of events, David found himself standing over the giant man—flat on his back after a bullseye shot between the eyes. The boy pried the Philistine’s sword from his cold hand, raised it as high as he could and whacked Goliath’s head clean off with a single swoop.

David was a man.

by: Emily Dove

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David faces Goliath