Walk with the Lord: by Blugi

Thank you for visiting AmplifiedVersion Art.

This website aims to primarily amplify God, above all other reasons, through multiple art forms. We do understand that art is very much interpreted and might potentially have opposing views from person to person however we aim to carefully select art that we think accentuates some facet or aspect of God.

Humans are a great testament to how we all represent some facet of good in our view. This is of course looking at humans after taking away our sin and focusing on character and talents. The Bible says we were made in Gods image and there after the ultimate creator commended us to be fruitful. Now AmplifiedVersion Art tries to capture some of that man made creativity that we have inherited and sometimes we will try to capture what the ultimate creator has designed.

We hope and pray it will be a enjoyable & inspiring ride for us all.

Grace and peace.